E-MTB Tour Croatia in Photos

Experience the green and blue of Istria in our E-MTB Tour Croatia.

Ditching the tourist trail on our E-MTB tour Croatia

E-mountain bikes are the perfect companion for exploring the beauty of Croatia’s Istrian coastline and mountains. From medieval hilltop villages and ancient forests, to bustling fishing ports and the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, on your e-mtb you’ll experience the surprising variety that Istria has to offer.

Far removed from the usual tourist traps in the south-east corner of the country, you’ll enjoy the laid-back way of life and soak up as much of the landscape, history, culture, and delicious local produce (truffles, seafood, and a plethora of wines!) as possible.

Immerse yourself in our photo story and get inspired to reinvigorate body, mind, and soul on our E-MTB Tour Croatia in photos:

Ricky trails on E-MTB tour of Croatia
E-MTB tour of Croatia forest paths
Rocky Krk island trails on a E-MTB Tour Croatia
E-MTB tour of Croatia harbour night life
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Cranking up a climb in Baška on a E-MTB Tour Croatia
E-MTB tour of Croatia and its islands
E-MTB tour of Croatia sunshine and coffee
E-MTB tour of Croatia taking a coffee break in Baška
E-MTB tour of Croatia Krk Island
Riding just outside of Rovinj on a E-MTB Tour Croatia
E-MTB tour of Croatia evening relaxation
E-MTB tour of Croatia historic trails

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