Foodie mountain biking adventures across the globe

Foodie mountain biking adventures across the globe

Browse our foodie mountain biking adventures across the globe and choose yours!

If you’re the kind of mountain biker that plans your rides around the great local eateries, you’re going to love our selection of tantalising foodie mountain biking adventures around the world!

Here at H+I Adventures we’re big foodies and we’ve travelled across the globe, sampling myriad local produce to ensure that you enjoy only the best local dishes when you adventure with us. It’s been tough!

In Andalucía, Southern Spain, our culinary mountain biking journey includes sampling the finest jamón iberico in the mountains of the Alpujarra, enjoying the day’s catch of fresh fish on the coast, and culminates with a fantastic wine and tapas tour of the Old Town of Granada. The combination of sensational singletrack and sumptuous local dishes on this adventure is a match made in heaven.

Oaxaca is undeniably the gourmet capital of Mexico and on this foodie mountain biking adventure you’ll get to experience home-made, family dishes high in the mountains of the Sierra Norte, as well as contemporary world-class cuisine in Oaxaca City. And there will be a little Mescal tasting too!

On our tri-country European mountain biking odyssey in Slovenia, Austria and Italy, you’ll experience the subtle differences in cuisine of these three countries, and all in one day, even! Breakfast in Slovenia, lunch in Austria and coffee in Italy. Creamy local cheeses and crisp white wines are particular specialities in Slovenia – perfect for topping off an unforgettable day of cross-border mountain biking.

Last, but not least, our Tastes + Trails of Scotland adventure marries spectacular Highland scenery with the finest whiskies, local craft ales, and the freshest, most delicious seafood. From the heart of the Caringorms National Park, to the wild and rugged west coast, you’ll discover some incredible flavours in the most remote and unlikely places.

The benefits of travelling and riding with a local guide don’t just extend to finding the best trails around, but also the very best food and drink, created with care and love by local people who have a real passion for their country and the produce it provides. Come and join us to eat and pedal your way around the world on our foodie mountain biking adventures!