H and I Adventures, Peaty, Danny, and Hans Rey on TV

Mountain bike legends to kick off new Sky Sports cycling series

You’ve read the story, you’ve seen the pictures and the preview video…. now watch the full account of our trip through Torridon and Skye with three mountain bike legends; Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey.

Sky Sports is launching a new series called Cycle Sports World and the Scotland trip is featuring in the first two episodes.

You’ll get to see exclusive interviews with the three legends as they join us on our week-long Torridon and Skye mountain bike holiday to see why everyone’s raving about mountain biking on Scotland’s rugged west coast.  Follow them as they ride the best trails that we could throw at them, drink local whisky and sit around the camp fire sharing stories in this two part mountain biking extravaganza.

The first instalment will be aired at 19.00hrs on 22nd February on Sky Sports 3

The second instalment will air at 19.00hrs on 1st March on Sky Sports 4.

If you want to follow in their tyre tracks, have a look at our 2011 Torridon and Skye dates and book the best mountain bike holiday of the year!

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Hans Rey, Steve Peat and Danny MacAskill Scotland video!

Here is our long awaited video featuring Steve Peat, Hans Rey and Danny MacAskill on our mountain bike holiday on the Isle of Skye and in the dominating mountains of Torridon.  After watching the video you can read up on the trip here or book your own trip here!

Skye and Torridon with Danny MacAskill, Steve Peat and Hans Rey from H&I Adventures on Vimeo.