Hans Rey, Steve Peat and Danny MacAskill Scotland video!

Danny Macaskill Scotland video, featuring Hans Rey and Steve Peat

Here is our long awaited video featuring Steve Peat, Hans Rey and Danny Macaskill Scotland video on our mountain bike holiday on the Isle of Skye and in the dominating mountains of Torridon, covering the majority of the rugged west coast of the Highlands.  After watching the video you can book you trip! to follow in the footsteps of the trials legend Hans Rey, the Youtube sensation Danny MacAskill and the downhill master, Steve Peat!

If you’d like to follow in Danny MacAskill, Steve Peat and Hans Rey’s and find out more and book your adventure Torridon + Skye adventure here.

If you need further convincing, why not check out our newly gathered photographs of the adventure on our photos of Torridon and Skye tour blog post from the beginning of summer 2016.