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Mountain bike tours, Scotland

And breath!

It has been a mega busy month of mountain bike tours, with a truly outstanding all-mountain coast-to-coast tour in the stunning Scottish summer sunshine, a Torridon and Skye tour with a large and excited group of German mountain bikers, a trip to Switzerland mountain biking the trails around the Verbier area and not to mention a highly succesful Cairngorms trip!

We seem to have lucked out with the weather too, while parts of the UK have been battered by wind and rain, we have managed to mostly stay dry and happy!  Well how could you not be happy when riding trails like these?

mountain bike Torridon and Skyemountain bike tour ScotlandMountain bike tour


We have a short break this week before the final fling of our season takes off with a tour of the Torridon and Skye area, followed by our final coast-to-coast trip of the year, which we have two places left!! If you are interested contact us on


Mountain biking in the Cairngorms

Winter has arrived! It is the end of our season here in Scotland so, together with a couple of mates, I had arranged to get away into the depths of the Cairngorms on a light-weight mountain bike bivvy trip. We had planned to meet in Braemar on the east side of the Cairngorms and ride into the heart of the mountains with as little gear as possible for two days of bivvying and mountain biking, sounds simple doesn’t it?

Were it not for this winter’s first dump of snow making an appearance the night before theCairngorms after first snow of the season on Twitpic trip, it would have been.  Just getting to the rendez-vous point was proving to be a challenge, with the roads being under 2 inches of snow and frozen solid! But, eventually, the skies cleared and the sun shone high in the sky, so things were looking up.

On arriving at Braemar we set about eating cake and drinking tea; preparing the only way we know how for our wintery expedition.  After our lunch of champions and pulling Mark out of the cafe kicking and screaming we set off into the mountains and the gathering clouds.

En-route to our planned bivvy spot we managed to pick up some stunning and atmospheric pictures of an autumnal/wintery wonderland, where the trees were all amazing colours of yellow, brown and still some shades of green set to the backdrop of the dark hills with their white tops – truly stunning!

We had heard on the grapevine that there were some nice sections of singletrack to be found in this area, and we were not disappointed with what we found, as I am sure you will agree!

Just before dark we arrived at our bivvy spot, set up camp and set about getting the kettle on for a well earned brew and a few biscuits, not to mention a small sip from our hip flasks.  Before we got too attached to our hip flasks we decided to get dinner on, which consisted of a healthy combination of pasta and vegetables with a pudding of chocolate crispy cake and tea – heaven.

The rest of the night went something along the lines of, “Another cup of tea?” “Some chocolate?” “Anyone for tea?”…….

Our prayers for one of those autumnal mornings, where the sun warms you from the outside in, were dashed when we stuck our heads out of our bivvy bags and found that it was one of those autumnal mornings where the rain soaks you from the outside in! Only one thing for it: a quick cup of tea, some food and a ride out to the cafe for some soup and a coffee.

So our first autumn over-nighter finished as it had started; back at the cafe.  The question is, will this winter continue as it has started; with lots of snow and ice? Watch this space…